Top 5 Purse Pistols for Women

In today’s time when crime against women is at peak, then every woman has the right of self defense. And for self defense, they should be mentally and physically strong. They should exercise and learn martial arts to get physically strong to face any unwanted situation. If they can not get trained, then they can carry purse pistols for their self defense.

Here at Pragati Gun House we collected the data of small pistols that actually can be carried in your purse. So we can also call them purse pistols. Working women who are coming late night and have no support then they can actually carry a small gun for their defense.

Important Note: You must have a Proper Gun License to carry such things with you.

The List of 5 Purse Pistols for Women

1 Kimber Solo

kimber solo

Caliber 9mm
weight 17 ounces
Length 5.5 inches
Width .90 inches

2 Glock 42

glock 42

Caliber .380 mm
weight 12.35 ounces
Length 5.94 inches
Width .94 inches

3 S&W 442

Caliber .38 mm
weight 15 ounces
Length 6.3 inches
barrel Length 1.87 inches

4 SIG P938

Caliber 9 mm
weight 17 ounces
Length 5.9 inches
Width 1.1 inches

5 S&W Shield

Caliber 9 mm
weight 19 ounces
Length 6.1 inches
Barrel Length 3.1 inches