6 Popular Types of Holsters

The holsters is a part of your weapon accessories, and it is also the part of your weapon concealment strategy. It allows you to conceal your weapon right under your clothes. So choosing a right holster for your weapon is an important part when you don’t want to show-off your weapon.

Generally, Holster made of leather, nylon fabric or plastic/polymer. Here is some type of holster that you might be searching for.

Different Types of Holsters

1 Strong Side Hip Holster

Strong Side Hip Holster

Position Side: These holsters are positioned on the shooting hand side, usually between the kidney and the point of the hip.
Presentation Speed: Fastest presentation speed among the holster types
Types: belt slide, pancake, inside-the-waistband, and paddle holster
How to wear it: must be worn with a jacket or coat or loose shirt

2 Pocket Holster

Pocket Holster

Position Side: Fit into pocket
Presentation Speed: Presentation more difficult than Side Hip Holster
Types: Pocket concealed
How to wear it: Pocket holsters that fit inside the pocket and hold a small pistol

3 Small of the back Holster

Small of the back Holster

Position Side: These holsters are positioned to the back side.
Presentation Speed: Access to the firearm is difficult since reaching behind yourself and under clothes
Types: Concealment is enhanced with an inside waistband holster
How to wear it: Inside waistband

4 Shoulder Holster

Shoulder Holster

Position Side: Under the arm side
Presentation Speed: It provides the natural drawing positions as the muzzle pointing directly to the rear and the butt forward.
Types: Upside-down shoulder, vertical shoulder, and horizontal shoulder
How to wear it: Under the support arm side from a harness under a short jacket.

5 Ankle Holster

Ankle Holster

Position Side: Position the gun on the lower leg
Presentation Speed: Relatively complex
Types: ankle holster
How to wear it: A cuff or series of straps wrap around the lower leg

6 Cross Draw Holster

Cross draw Holster

Position Side: Pistol on the belt on the support side
Presentation Speed: Moderate, as the shooting hand reaches across the body to grasp the gun
Types: Cross Draw
How to wear it: On the belt